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August 22, 2017  Tuesday



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Turkey & Dressing Okra & Tomatoes  
& 1 side                              $9.99 Limas or Pole Beans Triple Chocolate Cake$ 4.50
  Field Peas or Cabbage Peanut Butter Pie-$ 4.50
Hamburger Steak Cream  Corn**Baked Beans Triple Berry Tart $ 4.50
(topped with Mushrooms & Cottage Cheese Pumpkin Sweet Potato Tart-
Onions covered with Gravy) Peaches $4.50
& Mashed Potatoes  Peaches & Cottage Cheese Peach & Blackberry Cobbler-
with 1 Side                       $9.99 Fried Okra  $4.50
  Pickled Cucs & Onions  
  Cole Slaw Homemade Soups
Shrimp Salad Platter     $10.99 Speckled Butterbeans Broccolli Cheese
(Served with Fruit and Boiled Egg Tomato Cucumber & Onion Vegetable
on Lettuce) Turnip Greens Chicken Noodle
  Marinated Tomatoes Cup******$3.95
Handcut French Fries    $2.50 Buttered Carrots Bowl*****$4.95





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